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Monday, July 24, 2006


I've just left the job of moderating the DogRead list after doing it for almost 2 1/2 years. It was exhausting, it was a learning experience, and I can't picture the scenario that would ever cause me to do it again (dementia?). I'm glad the list has continued and a new volunteer will be taking over the work. I hope the list participants will play nice!

With any time this frees up for me, I hope to sleep more, exercise more, read more, and do more crafts. I will absolutely be in no danger of idleness or boredom. I have a fascinating book on my desk at the moment, about half read, titled "Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers" and authored by Robert M. Sapolsky. The time I've spent studying Temple Grandin's writing and other books it has led me to read has started what I'm sure will be a long-term interest. Useful, too.

My older computer seems recovered from its hard drive failure and replacement, but the aging of the software is catching up. Wonder if we'll have to change all the old dudes to Windows Vista in the future or else just shelve them. Hard to say. But by then I'll be ready to put at least one on the new system. I just hope not to have to change to that system when it's still too new.

I found out why my last computer from Dell was so horrible. I thought it would be worth it to get RDRAM. That didn't seem to stay on the market long. The techs who were here to install the new hard drive told me that RDRAM got Dell a big lawsuit. Bummer--all I got was my money back, and it took a month to do that! At least I recognized a lemon. Wasn't that hard. By the end of the first week, it wouldn't even take input from the keyboard or mouse. Right from the start it wouldn't shut down properly, always gave "the blue screen of death."

Gateway's price on this new hard drive was good, the price on the new monitor was good a few months ago, and the price on the new computer was good, too. Yeah, it did need 60 Windows XP updates right off the bat, but hey, nobody's perfect!

I don't see where anyone has solved the question of how to store photographs in the digital age. It's all so subject to loss when it's on a hard drive. And digital music for which a person has paid by the song, same thing.