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Monday, February 28, 2005

DogRead Email List

I'm moderator of the DogRead list on Yahoo. If anyone wants to check it out, an easy way to get to the group home page is go to www.dogread.com and click on "subscribe." Starting March 1st we'll be discussing the book "Help Your Dog Fight Cancer," by Laurie Kaplan for the first half of March and "Coping with Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet," by Moira Anderson Allen for the last half of March. It may be a bit sad, but healing I hope. About half of dogs who live past age 10 years die of some form of cancer. And most of us will outlive our dogs.

First Blog Post

Blogging seems like an interesting idea, so here goes. I'm a professional writer interested in dogs, assistance dog training, therapy dog training, arts associated with rubber stamping, cozy mysteries, the Atkins way of eating, and Christianity. That should be plenty of material for a blog! I'll be getting used to this format for quite some time, I expect. Onward and upward.